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A New Freedom offers comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective substance abuse curriculum workbooks and behavioral health treatment resources for adult and juvenile correctional programs. These innovative state-of-the art materials provide quality programming at a very reasonable cost. Many states have selected these resources for use statewide in all of their juvenile or adult correctional facilities.

We provide over 400 mental health, substance abuse treatment, correctional intervention, and MI and CBT-based workbooks, curriculums, and similar resources to over 1,000 correctional facilities and programs nationwide. Our programs are especially affordable, as we provide you the rights to make unlimited copies for use on site.

Our resources address the most critical personal, environmental, and community risk factors, and build on the most important protective factors and assets. They are based on evidence-based concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), the social learning model, and key coping and problem solving skills for relapse prevention (self-efficacy). These mental health and substance abuse curriculum workbooks are easy to implement by counselors and even peer staff. Our resources include lesson plans, DSM-IV-based treatment planning support for mental health programs, behaviorally-stated objectives, pre/post tests, and competency checklists. They are used in numerous substance abuse and mental health programs for both males and females in adult and juvenile correctional settings.

Our materials include gender-specific materials for women, and over 60 workbooks are available in Spanish. We also provide ice-breaking and "program start-up" activities appropriate to different age groups and certain workbooks are also provided in several versions for adult and juvenile men and women. Many workbooks are appropriate for correctional in-cell use, and an extended set of resources supports the community reintegration process, focusing on the key risk factors affecting recidivism.

We are happy to provide specific quotations, and invite you to review the program overviews and sample materials on this site.

Gender-Specific Programming

Adult Male Programs — these MI- and CBT-based resources have been selected for use by multiple state systems and more than 40 Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities, as well New York City jails. Topics include substance abuse, drug court and diversion, behavioral health, life skills, community reintegration, vocational readiness, gang intervention, anger, aggression, violence, and in-cell study. [more]

Juvenile Male Resources — treatment resources for young men's correctional programs. Topics emphasized are substance abuse treatment, drug court and diversion, life skills, community reintegration, reducing violent tendencies, and in-cell programs. Multiple states' juvenile justice systems provide gender-specific behavioral health, substance abuse, and CBT- and MI-based programming to juvenile males. [more]

Adult Female Resources — gender-specific resources for women's issues. Women's Issues, an extended series of more than thirty female-specific workbooks addressing a wide range of issues including relationships, women-specific substance abuse treatment and recovery issues, domestic violence, prostitution, vocational readiness, family concerns, and eating disorders. Also used in drug court and diversion programs. [more]

Juvenile Female Resources — comprehensive program and treatment resources for young women's correctional programs. These programs have proven extremely successful (two programs report recidivism/relapse rates of 11% and 15%). Also used in drug court and diversion programs. Multiple states' juvenile justice systems provide gender-specific behavorial health, substance abuse treatment, and CBT- and MI-based programming to juvenile females. [more]

Programming Topics

Substance Abuse Treatment — a comprehensive substance abuse treatment programming materials based on cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI) models. [more]

Detention — cognitive-behavioral therapy-based gang intervention materials suited to neighborhood centers, halfway houses, day reporting, group homes, and detention centers. [more]

Returning Home — program resources for community reintegration, vocational readiness, pre-release, parole, and aftercare. These resources meet the standards of the Second Chance Act in helping to rehabilitate former offenders. [more]

Anger/Aggression/Violence — resources to address anger, aggression, and violence issues for correctional programs. [more]

Mental Health, Behavioral Health and Dual Diagnosis — these resources address behavioral health and dual diagnosis issues. They include counselors' tools, DSM-IV checklists, client and counselor worksheets, MI and treatment planning suggestions, and workbooks. These comprehensive behavioral health resources address more than 20 issues, including anxiety, depression, aggression, PTSD, self-injury, and sleep disorders. These behavioral resources are widely used in state and federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) programs for males and females. Multiple states and federal prisons use these mental health resources system-wide for adult and juvenile correctional programs. [more]

Spanish Language Resources — Spanish language substance abuse treatment and other program resources. Una Libertad Nueva includes comprehensive programs for adults and juveniles, including over 60 workbooks (available in both English and Spanish versions). [more]

Life Skills — Resources for improving life skills. Pathways to Daily Living and our Interpersonal Communications Skills programs include more than 100 one-hour lessons, with detailed lesson plans, client worksheets, and skill-building activities. They are supplemented by Problem Solving program resources and the Vocational Readiness/Employment Preparation program. They are also used in drug court and diversion programs, and meet the standards of the Second Chance Act in helping to rehabilitate former offenders. [more]

In-Cell Study — a workbook-based cognitive change program. Resources provide inmates with several program options that improve understanding of the thoughts and feelings contributing to their addictions, dependencies, and other behavioral problems. [more]

Vocational Readiness Programs — Materials are designed for community and correctional vocational readiness programs (adult and juvenile versions available). Developed for clients who do not have extensive work histories, these workbooks and lessons guide the process of self-examination, confidence-building, preparation, job-seeking, interviewing, and keeping a job. These resources meet the standards of the Second Chance Act in helping to rehabilitate former offenders. [more]

Drug Court and Diversion — programs for adults and juveniles [more]

Design a Custom Curriculum — let us help you design a curriculum or contact us about a phone consultation. [more]

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