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In-Cell and Self-Study Resources

Core Programs

In-Cell Program — extensive workbook-based cognitive change and criminal thinking resources for administrative segregation or self-study. Material is organized into 5-hour weekly packets for a total of 240 hours of programming. Where appropriate, each packet ends with a competency check that tracks comprehension and understanding.
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Step Down Programs — Our Step Down programs provide structure for step down/alternatives to solitary housing. Our Conflict Reduction model features 128 hours of programming targeted to reducing aggression, violence, and people problems (facility, unit, and cellmate). An Orientation and three Phases allow a gradual step down out of Ad Seg or solitary housing upon successful completetion. The Gang Desistence version offers an additional 30 hours (158 hours total) focused specifically on gang issues. Assessment resources are included!
Download Program Model with TOCs in PDF      Download Gang Desistence Model with TOCs in PDF

Combination Self-Study And Group Program Program — This unique model combines 12 weekly Self-Study Packets with 12 weekly group sessions to process the self-study! Study packets for each week are about 30-45 pages, followed by 1 weekly group session shaped for 90-120 minutes. Each weekly group session features resources related to the self-study packet, including a competency review that address and probes comprehension of the self-study material.
Download Program Model with TOCs in PDF      Download the Women's version of this model.

A Library Approach To Self-Study

Our Self-Study Program provides you with a library of materials that you select that offers a structured approach to self-study. It allows you to keep residents productively engaged with a minimum of contact with your staff.

Our collection of enhanced workbooks allow you to create a library of powerful materials covering a wide range of topic areas, including Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Conflict Reduction, and Transition.

With the guidance of clinicians, residents can pick and choose the ones that interest them or are recommended based on clinical assessment of their highest needs.

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