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Life Skills Curriculum

Life Skills covers a wide variety of topics, and luckily A New Freedom Life Skills Curriculum covers a wide array from developing coping skills and communication skills to vocational readiness, stress management, anger management and even money management. With over 600 hours of Life Skills related topics, A New Freedom can create a custom curriculum to fit your organization's needs.

The A New Freedom Life Skills curriculum provides comprehensive programs for adults and juveniles helping them develop skills for daily living. The curriculum is designed to address critical life and lifestyle issues. The overall objective is to help participants improve their general health and happiness as functioning members of society.

The skills and concepts taught here are the basics of a healthy and happy life. Each lesson comprises a lesson plan with a detailed narrative for the counselor or teacher, and a handout, worksheet, or other activity for the learners. Designed to maintain attention and promote active involvement, each hour-long lesson is based on identified behavioral objectives. Continue below to view our wide variety of life skills topics.

Handling the Tough Times Program

1 An introduction to stress management 12 Get yourself together
2 What is stress doing to you? 13 Having a backup plan
3 What happened to you? 14 Making use of community resources
4 What pushes your buttons? 15 Affirming yourself
5 How have you "coped" in the past? 16 Using the serenity prayer
6, 7, 8 Coping skills 17 External supports
9 Living smarter. Living longer 18 How to be good to yourself
10 How am I doing today? 19 Handling difficult situations
11 What to do when you are having bad feelings    

Making Good Use of Your Leisure Time Program

1 Seeking happiness and contentment 4 Increasing the joy in your life
2 Identifying your needs and wants 5 Your most important values
3 Making your dreams come true 6 Adding balance to your life with new activities

Managing Your Money Program

1 Keeping track of everyday spending 5 Summary activity
2 Travel expenses 6 When you need more money
3 Clothing costs 7 Becoming money smart
4 Household furnishings 8, 9 Your budget

People Skills - Managing Aggression and Violence Skills Program

1-2 Introduction to anger 30-31 Protecting your boundaries
3-4 Why we need better communication skills 32 Conflict resolution practice
5-8 Becoming a better listener 33-35 Refusal skills 1,2,3
9-11 Learning to be assertive 36 Using your escape skills
12-13 Where does your anger come from? 37 When you have set yourself up or embarrassed yourself by saying something
14 Before you get angry 38 When you have set yourself up or embarrassed yourself by doing something
15 Where does your anger go? 39 When you have not done well
16-17 How to keep out of fights 40 Adding balance to your life with new activities
18-19 When you are accused of something 41 Introduction to stress management
20-21 Handling provocations 42 What is stress doing to you?
22 When someone else is angry at you 43 How have you "coped" in the past?
23 Preparing yourself for a stressful conversation 44-45 Coping skills #1
24 When you need to express a complaint 46 Breathing skills for relaxation
25 Handling peer pressure 47 Muscle relaxation
26 Offering specific help 48-49 Coping skills #2
27 When you have made a mistake/When others have made a mistake 50 Having a backup plan
28-29 Assertion skills practice 51-54 Disrespect 1,2,3, Dealing with frustration

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