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Programs For Incarcerated Veterans and Seniors

We have developed several successful programs for underserved populations such as incarcerated Veterans and Seniors:

  • The programs are specifically designed for these populations
  • Program lengths can extend from 6 to12 months
  • Programs feature outcome-driven, proven-effective content built on a rock-solid CBT base with MI tools integrated throughout
  • Everything is delivered in a carefully structured approach that helps ensure successful treatment that you can document

Veterans Programming

New York State presented their highly successful incarcerated veterans program at the 2019 ACA conference in Boston. They have achieved one of the most comprehensive and effective programs in the country.

At the heart of their program is a CBT-based, MI-infused curriculum that we are very proud to have provided them. We designed this powerful intervention to:

  1. reduce resistance to behavioral change.
  2. increase successful management of critical internal and external risk factors for re-offending
  3. increase understanding and insight into past life experiences, including elements of their military service.
  4. build on that insight and available internal and external protective factors to increase resilience and motivation to make positive changes going forward.
  5. build specifically on strengths (assets) developed in their prior military service.
  6. provide opportunities for specific action planning while in the facility, and going forward.
The program offers 270 hours of programming divided into 10-session units. In addition we provided Extended Stay resources and resource sets shaped for their Level II veterans. In addition to being built on rock-solid CBT, MI, and social learning philosophies, elements of the program were developed to specifically address their service and combat experiences including a module on trauma-informed care.

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Senior Living Program

This curriculum presents a unique opportunity to provide for an underserved corrections population. Current programming and institutional opportunities, in most cases, are not entirely appropriate for senior inmates. For example, athletic, educational, and vocational programming is targeted to the younger inmates.

Given the extremely low rate of recidivism and the extremely low degree of physical violence in this population, the typical outcomes for correctional programming are less relevant. There are, however, appropriate and significant targets for institutional programming:
  • improved self-management of physical health and mental health related issues
  • motivation for self-improvement
  • maintenance of a positive outlook
The Core program resources include ten (10) units of ten (10) sessions each for a total of 150 program hours. Each session is designed for 90 minutes. The program employs MI techniques incorporated in the resources, staff counseling skills, group contact, and CBT-based lessons and materials. Significant program content was developed specifically to address identified issues in this population.

Download a PDF flyer with complete details and a logic model!

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