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Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

We offer a higly customizable, comprehensive substance abuse treatment programming based on cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI) models. Addresses dependencies and underlying thinking and feelings that contribute to the abuse. It increases the awareness of the pattern or cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have led to relapse in the past. It introduces participants to treatment, reduces resistance, and begins the process of personal awareness and change. The program helps build motivation for lifestyle changes and indicates discrepancies between current behaviors and the achievement of desired life goals. Also provides practice in new coping skills. This program addresses the whole cycle of dependency and the elements needed to create change, including: self-awareness, cognitive restructuring, and skills for relapse prevention and self-efficacy. Extended programs available with documented significant reductions in recidivism.

Program Availability

Programs available from 25 to 600 hours for adult males, juvenile males, adult females, and juvenile females. Programs are also available in Spanish. The program is also available as component of a drug court or diversion program.

Program Features

  • Logical progression — it first addresses defensiveness, then cognitive issues. When the client is ready to learn new approaches, it then addresses the behavioral component (primarily new coping skills), leading to development of resilience, risk factors management (self-efficacy), relapse prevention planning, and life/lifestyle planning. Finally, the program addresses client-specific risk factors encountered in community reintegration and in preventing relapse and/or a return to criminal involvement. An important option at this point is vocational/employment preparation, supported by key workbooks and lessons.
  • Workbook-based — Workbooks provide structure and support and they clearly identify the progress of participants. When work is not completed, this is also evident. Materials are written at a grade 4-6 reading level, so most participants have no difficulty in understanding or completing the work. Frequent checklists, charts, and tables make the work nonthreatening and reduce resistance, and make it more likely that participants will identify issues and problems.
  • Supports group and individual counseling — Many assignments can be given as homework, so participants will complete reading and written assignments before coming to the group activity. There is no need to spend the limited time available for group in reading or writing activities. Leaders can use the critical activities identified for each assignment to go immediately to the important issues and engage participants in discussion. To make it easier for program staff, behavioral objectives are identified for all activities in each workbook (in the lesson plan provided).
  • The most critical goal of the program is self-efficacy — Counselors in these programs can use the materials provided (including activity cards) to help identify the highest risk factors for each client. Then, participants can be guided to learn, practice and master the coping skills they need to deal with their highest risk factors successfully.


With over 200 workbooks and other resources, we support longer programs, and specialize in tailoring substance abuse treatment programs to your needs. These resources have been selected for use by multiple state systems and more than 40 Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities, as well New York City jails. In-cell programs can be tailored to address specific issues and needs. Shorter jail and in-cell programs for adult males, parole and probation programs, and programs focusing on specific substance abuse (drug and alcohol), behavioral health, and other intensive treatment programs are provided.

Substance abuse materials can be used as part of a comprehensive age- and gender-specific treatment program. Programs are avaialble for adult males and adult females.


A New Freedom comprehensive substance abuse treatment (drug and alcohol), delinquency, and behavioral health treatment curriculum resources (over 100 workbooks designed for juvenile corrections applications). Substance abuse treatment programs built on these resources can extend from four weeks to two years. Helpful lesson plans and counselor's tools included. Programs are also useful in school, alternative school, detention, and other settings.

Substance abuse treatment materials can be used as part of a comprehensive age- and gender-specific treatment program. Programs are avaialble for juvenile males and juvenile females.

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