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Reception/Pre-Treatment Resources

Core A                                                      

Core B                                                      

Core C                                                      

Transition Resources                           
Intensive Programming Resources         

Gang Intervention  ♦  Substance Abuse
Additional CBT  ♦  Anger, Aggression, & Violence
Sex Offender

Mental Health Programming Resources

Anxiety  ♦  Self-Injury  ♦  Grief & Loss  ♦ PTSD
Depression  ♦  Conduct Disorder  ♦  Eating Disorder
Sleep Disturbances  ♦  Supplemental Issues  ♦  Special Needs Resources

Extended Stay Resources                        

Extended Stay Phase 1  ♦  Extended Stay Phase 2
Extended Stay Phase 3  ♦  Vocational Resources
Life Skills Resources  ♦  Female Resources