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Programs for Correctional Behavioral Health Services.

Improve the quality of your treatment and gain peace of mind that effective, readily documentable treatment will be taking place!

Phoenix/New Freedom Programs offers a force-multiplier for correctional providers of behavioral health services. From workbooks to individual one-hour lessons to in-cell resources, we can provide a full range of programming to fit your specific needs and dosage.

All our materials feature outcome-driven, proven-effective content built on a rock-solid CBT base with MI tools integrated throughout. Everything is delivered in a carefully structured approach that helps ensure successful treatment that you can document. Some of our capacity-building program packages include:

Substance Abuse

A Road Not Taken — Very successful, data-rich, documented Substance Abuse program featuring over 70 program hours. Program options include workbooks or individual lessons in a structured, stages-of-change-based, CBT-based group model  developed specifically for the Rikers Island jails in New York City (male, female, and Spanish versions available). The success of this program at Riker's Island has been strong and sustained.  Whether you are a jail or a prison, this program is a proven-effective substance abuse solution.   [Read more!]

30 Hour Open Group Model — Comprehensive 30-session, open group substance abuse program featuring a creative new approach: new members can be added to the group at any point, while the outcome-driven model provides tools, structure, and support for individual progress and change.  State-of-the-art substance abuse programming shaped for flexible administration and structured for results.

This easy to implement turnkey model includes complete resources for 30 group sessions, one-on-one counseling, and support in documenting participation, progress, and outcomes.  Core program elements address internal and external risk factors for past problems and guide the development of effective relapse prevention plans.  The materials guide participants from pre-contemplation through subsequent stages of change.
[Dowload a PDF file that includes program TOC, a full explanation, and visual representation of the program flow!

Substance Abuse Aftercare — We have hundreds of hours of CBT-based, MI-infused workbooks that cover all aspects of transition and relapse prevention. Ideal to follow up on residential or intensive outpatient treatment, and providing seamless continuity of care.
[Dowload a PDF file listing of our Returning Home and Relaspe Prevention resources]

Behavioral Health (inpatient, intensive outpatient, and community programs)

Comprehensive Symptoms Management Curriculum — Specifically designed for the most serious and persistent mental illness, this easy-to-implement new curriculum is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI change model), social learning theory (skills modeling, practice, and mastery), and selected Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills.  Based on a program at use at Riker’s Island Jails, this comprehensive, 50-hour program addresses a variety of common symptoms as well as specific overlays for Psychotic Spectrum and Mood Disorder symptoms.

The program makes a clear connection between client changes (med compliance and new coping skills) and feeling better (symptom frequency, intensity, and duration).  It includes critical overlays for self-injury and anger/aggression/violence, along with a comprehensive set of skills for interpersonal competence.  An emphasis on Situational Confidence in facing high-risk situations addresses acting out behaviors, with specific tools including Situational Confidence Questionnaires.
[Download a PDF flyer with complete details]

Beyond The Bridge — a 72-session, lesson-based intervention that addresses a range of DSM-IV diagnoses and issues including chemical dependency, anxiety, aggression, and depression.  Documented-successful program created for use at Riker's Island jails in New York City!
[Read more and download samples!]

Independent Study or In-Cell Program — 50 to 400 hours of weekly packets originally developed for correctional settings. Each packet contains approximately 5 hours worth of material, and includes an outcomes-based Competency Check.
[Download a PowerPoint presentation about our in-cell material]

Treatment Planning Resources

We offer a full range of comprehensive model treatment plans for common DSM diagnoses, with cut-and-paste behaviorally-stated objectives linked to specific workbooks in our series. These resources support the motivational interviewing (MI) approach. Materials include counselors tools, DSM checklists, client and counselor worksheets, treatment planning suggestions, and workbooks.
[Read more and see the content of resources for selected diagnoses!]

More Information

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