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Program Resources for Adult Male Correctional Programs

We provide CBT- and MI-based programs for adult male correctional substance and mental health facilities ranging from 60 to 400 hours of dosage (program and logic models available). These correctional programs can be tailored to all facets of criminal behavior, behavioral health, substance abuse (drug and alcohol), delinquency, and gang involvement. Please contact us with any questions or use our phone consultation form to have us help you tailor a program to your needs. These MI- and CBT-based resources for adult males can be used in prisons, in-cell and group programs, TCs, jails, probation, and parole settings.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Comprehensive cognitive-behavioral (CBT) treatment model, including coping skills, relapse prevention, and risk factors management tools. Supports MI/CBT, individual change model (Prochaska), and social learning treatment approaches for substance abuse (drug and alcohol) treatment programs.

A New Freedom is based on helpful workbooks and group activities (grade 4-6 reading level), these materials provide "homework" between sessions, and are easy to implement with individuals, TCs, and groups.

With over 200 workbooks and other resources, we support longer programs, and specialize in tailoring programs to your needs. These resources have been selected for use by multiple state systems and more than 40 Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities, as well New York City jails. In-cell programs can be tailored to address specific issues and needs. Shorter jail and in-cell programs for adult males, parole and probation programs, and programs focusing on specific substance abuse (drug and alcohol), behavioral health, and other intensive treatment programs are provided.

Behavioral Health Resources

Comprehensive male behavioral health and dual diagnosis resources, including counselor's tools, checklists, MI tools, worksheets, DSM-IV treatment planning support, and workbooks. Many issues available: PTSD, self-harm, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, abuse, etc.. [more]

Spanish Language Resources

Una Libertad Nueva is our collection of nearly 60 Spanish language program resources for correctional facilities, in-cell programs, and jail programs.

  • Substance Abuse Program (for drugs and alcohol)
  • Gang Intervention Resources
  • Returning Home Program

See Also

Returning Home

Designed to help prepare for community reintegration Returning Home is a highly-interactive workbook-based resource for drug and alcohol abuse, relapse prevention, risk factors management, or aftercare. A comprehensive resource, it focuses on the highest risk factors for recidivism upon release from jails or correctional facilities. [more]

In-Cell Study Programs

Designed to carefully strip away defensiveness, these materials guide the inmate to identify his own areas of vulnerability, risk factors for relapse, and multiple dependencies. Inmates are offered the opportunity to learn critical coping skills designed to help address issues while incarcerated as well as post-release relapse prevention.

In-cell study programs start at $995. [more]

Correctional Intervention Program

For non drug offenders: comprehensive cognitive-behavioral treatment model, including coping skills, relapse prevention, and risk factors management tools. Supports MI/CBT, individual change model (Prochaska), and social learning treatment approaches.

Gang Intervention

The Phoenix Gang Intervention Program provides extensive resources address risk factors, gang mind-set, criminal thinking, getting away from the gang. [more]

Earned Release Program

We provide tailored earned release programs to correctional departments and facilities. These resources can include competency checklists, MI tools to assess individual change, pre-post tests, documentation for individual and program review, and links between resources and risk assessment instruments.

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