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Gender-Specific Programming for Women


This flexible, open group/open admissions program is available in a female version that speaks to the unique experience of women and substance abuse.

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The issue or topic areas below address some of the most frequent pathways to women’s offending or similar life problems. Each resource set is tailored to help participants identify the nature of the risk these areas still present in their lives. It then provides a series of stages-of-change and MI-based interventions for group and individual work, helpful guidelines for staff to help identify and address specific issues, a clear set of behaviorally-stated objectives, and situational confidence assessments (SCQ)

Additional Resources to address specific topics for women and young women: sex trafficking, running away, co-dependency, preparation for treatment, and women’s turning points.


Specifically designed for the most serious and persistent mental illness, this easy-to-implement new curriculum is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI change model), social learning theory (skills modeling, practice, and mastery), and selected Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills.  Based on a program at use at Riker’s Island Jails, this comprehensive, 50-hour program addresses a variety of common symptoms as well as specific overlays for Psychotic Spectrum and Mood Disorder symptoms.

The program makes a clear connection between client changes (med compliance and new coping skills) and feeling better (symptom frequency, intensity, and duration).  It includes critical overlays for self-injury and anger/aggression/violence, along with a comprehensive set of skills for interpersonal competence.  An emphasis on Situational Confidence in facing high-risk situations addresses acting out behaviors, with specific tools including Situational Confidence Questionnaires.

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Working at the request of our colleagues at the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, we created a new program resource that supports one last chance– an Alternative To Parole Violation. The vision was to give parole violators a powerful, CBT-based program that, if successfully completed, would allow them to avoid being revocated or violated back to prison.

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