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Resources For Juvenile Jail Programs

  • OPEN TO CHANGE Juvenile Risk Factors/Substance Abuse Treatment.This flexible, open group/open admissions program presents up to 6, 10-session modules. Each module presents a mini-journey through the stages of change, starting out with Pre-Contemplation resources and ending with Action Planning resources. Participants may enter the program at any point

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  • Delinquency Risk Factors for High Risk Youth.These three 10-session units include elements of motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as analysis of external and internal risk factors, the development of key coping and refusal skills, and the development of a safety net.

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  • Risks & Decisions.This flexible, open group program presents 30 lessons organized around groups of risk factors. Each lesson is fully scripted to model exactly how to present each lesson. Several lessons include DVD-based material. Role plays, skill building, and more! Available in both male and female versions as well as residential and community versions.

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  • DVD-based Youth Gang Intervention Resource Model.This unique resource features video clips of incarcerated youth discussing their involvement in crime and gang activity, their risk factors, and how they see their futures.

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